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Below are a few of the products and services offered by AgSky Technologies.

Sample NDVI crop health report

 Crop Monitoring

Using Near-Infrared (NIR) and Natural (RGB) cameras, data can be captured and interpreted into a variety of reports.  This can show the vegetation density of a field, suggest fertilizer/chemical applications and spraying zones, or be used to identify weeds or diseased areas.

Benefits included potentially higher crop yields, reduced input costs, and saving time. No longer does a farmer or consultant need to physically enter (and cause damage) to a late-growth field, as all the data is obtained from above the crop.  Specialized calculations such as NDVI can help to assess plant stress, biomass, and other features of a field that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Example Precision Acre measurement

Example Precision Acre measurement

Field Survey

By analyzing the geographically-correct GeoTIFF files, we can provide precise acre counts, unseeded vs. seeded reports, and many more statistics for your fields.  This information is excellent for harvest planning, crop insurance claims, or documentation of weather damage to crops. Or, you can review the data yourself in a variety of GIS software packages.

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Elevation Map loaded on GS3 2630

Elevation Mapping

If your field has low spots and drainage problems, take advantage of our elevation mapping services before you start digging or scraping!  By combining 300-400 images per quarter section, our advanced processing software will calculate a Digital Surface Model (DSM) of your field in 3D with up to 5cm (2 inch) vertical accuracy!  Once processed, the model files can be loaded into a variety of on-board computers / GPS displays for visualization right in your tractor.

new_icon Our elevation mapping packages include the use of survey-grade RTK equipment to ensure data is collected with the highest accuracy possible.

Farmstead Photography Sample

Farmstead Photography Sample

Farmstead Photos

Want to capture the perfect memory of your farm or rural acreage estate?  We offer a “Farmstead” photo package which provides several different angles of your yard site and home* in a digital image format, suitable for 8×10’s or larger.  Custom printing / framing is optional through our commercial partners, or you can have them printed yourself through a variety of online services.  Basic digital retouching services can be provided on select images at no extra cost, while advanced modifications may incur additional charges.

* Please note: As we are primarily an Agricultural image provider, we do not offer services in urban or densely populated areas.

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Custom Aerial Imaging

Need some other type of custom imaging for your Agriculture operation?

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