Technology used by AgSky

Information about the hardware and software that we use in our field operations

AgSky Technologies Inc. uses only the latest in fixed-wing UAV equipment.  At the moment, our primary aircraft is a SenseFly ( eBee Ag drone, which is designed and manufactured in Switzerland.  The eBee Ag has been specifically designed for use in agriculture, and has been recognized the world over for its innovation.

As you will see below, the research and development that has gone into this product is staggering.  AgSky takes full advantage of all the features and passes the benefits on to you and your agriculture operation. By using this service, some producers have been able to reduce costs by as much as 50%!

To learn more about how AgSky uses this amazing technology, visit the “Our Process” page, or give us a call!

See it in action!

Efficient and green

With a flight time of 45 minutes, the eBee Ag can easily cover 500 acres (200 hectares) in just one flight.  A powerful electric motor along with LiPo batteries means minimal carbon-footprint and very low running costs, while still maintaining up to a 57km/h cruising speed.  And it’s nearly silent once at altitude.

Accurate and smart

Flight altitude can be adjusted to gain maximum resolution (up to 2cm/pixel) with the Canon S110’s 12.0 Megapixel sensor at 300-400ft.  Elevation can be modeled to 5cm vertical accuracy, and images are automatically geo-tagged with GPS location and heading from the on-board flight data.


Safe and reliable

At only 680g, the eBee Ag is one of the lightest drones in its class, with a durable EPP foam body and wings.  It can detect and implement safety procedures in case of depleted battery or low altitude. A rear-positioned propeller means that even in the event of an unexpected collision, damage is minimized.

Simple flight planning

Flight plans are uploaded to the eBee Ag, and the plane is easily hand-launched.  The auto-pilot is completely autonomous, adjusting for winds and drafts all the while taking photographs at exact intervals.  Once the mission is completed, the drone returns and lands neatly within 3-5m of original take-off location.

Professional Software

AgSky Technologies Inc. uses the Postflight Terra 3D software platform for processing aerial images.  Once downloaded from the drone, images can be stitched into 2D maps or 3D models with incredible accuracy and detail.  Maps can then be further processed for custom calculations or NDVI crop health reports.