Why choose AgSky?

Learn about just a few of the many benefits that we can provide your farm operation

Much attention has been given to the relatively-new concept of Precision Agriculture, and it has quickly become a goal of many producers.  Just as GPS brought great changes to farming with Auto-Steer, yield mapping, and other techniques, affordable aerial imaging will now allow for in-depth analysis of crops and remote identification of plant diseases or plagues, along with documented monitoring of crop development.

For many operations, obtaining aerial images from such sources as satellite, manned aircraft, or stock photography can be both expensive and quickly outdated.  We can provide imagery of your crops throughout the growing season, when and where you need it most.  By keeping up-to-date with your crop images, you can easily assess the quality and status of any field, and quickly react to problems that may arise.

Time is money!

AgSky can obtain imagery for your field rapidly to allow you to make the most informed decisions possible, saving you not only money, but time as well.

  • Determine zoning for spraying quickly and accurately
  • Store records of crop development or damage, ideal for crop insurance claims
  • Easily prepare scouting locations for your fields and even create waypoints to be used later on GPS devices

AgSky versus Satellite Imagery

Here’s just a few ways that AgSky’s imaging compares to traditional satellite imagery:

  • Our images are taken below cloud cover (as low as 300ft altitude), meaning we can obtain images even in overcast weather.  Sometimes you may have to wait for months before satellite images can be obtained.
  •  “Temporal resolution” refers to our ability to obtain images when you need it exactly, instead of waiting for the next satellite to pass (usually a 16-day cycle).
  • High-end (aka expensive!) satellite images have a resolution of 0.8m-0.5m (80cm/pixel) whereas AgSky’s affordable system can produce resolution as accurate as 3cm/pixel.
  • Our aerial imagery have immediate availability as soon as the drone has landed, while satellite images can have a considerable delay before you can obtain and review the data.
  • Satellites are typically designed to capture much more data than what a producer actually needs.  AgSky’s targeted platform allows for efficient and affordable image reports that are precisely what your farm needs: no more, no less.

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If you are ready to take your farming operation to the next level, then you need AgSky’s services.  Contact us today for a free quote and on-farm consultation. Depending on availability, we may also be able to provide a customer demonstration of our UAV’s flight capabilities.

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