The AgSky Process

Interested in learning what’s involved in aerial imaging from AgSky Technologies Inc.? Here’s what the steps would look like for a typical flight mission.

Scouting the field



  • Once you’ve contacted AgSky and expressed your interest in our services, we will have an initial meeting to discuss your specific needs and goals.
  • If possible, we will conduct a brief on-site survey to visually review the field(s) and acres to be imaged.
  • An estimate may be provided if requested but will be subject to several terms and conditions.

flight planning software


  • Back at our office, we’ll review online map databases to begin a general flight path, taking into account buildings, roads, and other potential obstacles.
  • Simulations will be run to determine the approximate flight times and how many separate flight missions will be required to image the total acres.

quote and scheduling


  • A final quote will be prepared and forwarded to you for the final review.
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, 50% payment will be required and then scheduling of flight day(s) will be discussed.
  • Alternative dates/times will be discussed if inclement weather disrupts schedule.

Preparing the eBee


  • Upon arrival at the field(s), a visual perimeter inspection will be completed along with a pre-flight checklist to test all systems.
  • Depending on traffic and other factors, helpers may be posted at road intersections to notify the flight operator (via radio) of oncoming vehicles/equipment.

Launching the eBee


  • During the actual flight, visual tracking will have to be maintained by the flight operator at all times, so minimal spectating is requested.
  • Depending on situation, secondary video recording may be completed.
  • For a YouTube video showing the actual flight process, click here.


  • Still in the field, a portion of the flight data and imagery will be downloaded to a laptop and briefly analyzed to ensure quality.
  • If necessary, the flight mission may be re-flown to obtain any missing (or poor quality) data, at no additional cost.



  • Processing of images will be combined with flight logs and data at the home office.
  • Crop reports and analysis will be performed as necessary.



  • As soon as data has been compiled and finalized, it will be made available electronically either by email or web download, and remaining 50% payment will be due.
  • If needed, hard-copy of data will be mailed or delivered if requested on CD/DVD/USB for archival purposes.
  • Depending on report type, information can be loaded on to compatible tractor display screens.